Welcome to the website of the company MG HS GmbH & Co. KG

We are your powerful, professional and innovative partner in the field of individual metal interior design and we are glad that you are interested in our services and products.

This special segment of metal processing has been the focus of our work for a long time in many different fields. Metallic material shows perfect characteristics since it is easy to form, has a high inherent stability, is non-combustible and incorporates a variety of possible surface designs and surface finishing and can thus be used at almost any place in a building. For this reason, metallic material is used not only for statically bearing elements but also as outer casing, for technical installations or for interior facades. And exactly the two latter fields represent the business where we feel comfortable offering our range of products.

Our cladding systems and finishing elements made of different sheet materials combine modern interior design and high-quality object claddings with an up-to-date air conditioning technology, incorporating all the relevant aspects as to architecture and building technology in our solutions which are elaborated on an object-specific basis in cooperation with you. These projects will then be implemented step by step: from planning and manufacturing to installation on site. The combination of experience, expertise, innovation and commitment, when processing the objects, guarantees in many cases the minimization of interfaces realising shortest transaction times. Our core competence is to develop tailor-made structures and/or solutions for the task assigned to us as well as their efficient realisation as to sheet metal processing. From simple to complex, from standard to exclusive – we provide a large variety of opportunities.

We are pleased to receive the presentation of your problem and we will try to find the right shape for your ideas and your projects. In this context it makes no difference whether

  • your project is a new building or a measure for restoration,
  • we are dealing with a single-unit production or with a large-scale project,
  • the primary objective is to achieve an optical upgrading of office facilities or an energetic plant enhancement,
  • building service components have to be integrated into a column cladding or in a suspended floating-ceiling-panel,
  • acoustically effective wall claddings are required or lamella walls as sight protection and/or protective grating,
  • for example a stainless steel wall-cladding is realised or a parapet cladding made of powder coated sheet steel,
  • a radiator cladding is required or an operational parapet heating is to be installed,
  • this shall include an aluminium lightweight grating or even a parapet channel for the electric sub-supply,
  • recessed functional cabinets have to be located in line with demands or a free-standing wardrobe system is required,
  • the cladding parts have to be manufactured from metal (steel, stainless steel, aluminium) or partly from glass or wood-based material,
  • we are only requested to deliver the components or to do the installation on site ready for service….

To present the different product divisions of our range of performances we have compiled some of the object solutions realised by us. They are meant to demonstrate our possibilities and to visualize our fundamental idea “SHEET METAL IN FORM AND FUNCTION”. Let yourself be inspired and convince yourself of our creativity, flexibility, quality and versatility.