Architectural metal construction components and individual climate ventilation components from one single source.

The metal object claddings manufactured by MG HS GmbH & Co. KG are often situated in the rather difficult transitional area between architecture and building technology. There is hardly any area where the concepts of modern, extraordinary and appealing designs meet the requirements for convincing functionality as they do in this area, although, so to speak, the solution is quite obvious: a competent partner who can equally and extensively cover both requirement areas due to his expertise and innovative capabilities and who can thus coordinate the existing interfaces for you or in cooperation with you. So let us cooperate to bring “SHEET METAL IN FORM AND FUNCTION”:

Benefit, for example, from our potential and our long experience in manufacturing special air outlets. You can always contact us if standard components do not fit or are not required. We manufacture linear grilles just like displacement diffusers with perforated fronts and recessed honeycomb rectifiers or inlying scoop-nozzle technology. Their construction is possible as individual elements or as optically continuous lines, as independently arranged design components or integrated in created wall claddings or tailor-made column claddings. Some design examples are given in the chapter individual air outlets.

Our parapet claddings have been used for more than four decades in many office buildings and administrative buildings. Our products are function-adapted claddings for technical installations, such as pipes, ELT cable ducts, radiators or fan convectors – in up-to-date design. Our device-supporting systems have continuously proved to be especially efficient and they can be designed to fit to any common type of air conditioning unit. Such a design ensures the congruent arrangement of the device air outlet to the parapet grilles and/or air outlet opening within the cladding, excluding any air short-circuits within the device cladding, thus preventing an important power loss during operation.

We are furthermore in the position to offer complete systems for a large range of applications. This means: on request our delivery includes – after having preliminarily compared performances and having integrated the component into the cladding in an optimum technical manner – the heating element and/or the heating and cooling element at the same time, being directly installed in the cladding system. In doing so, we can optimize performance values, reduce costs and shorten execution times. Detailed information to this subject is given in the chapter parapet heating systems.