Column claddings

Column claddings are often located in a central and outstanding position in a room, and therefore column claddings in outside and inside areas are generally of the same or higher representative and architectural importance as the facades or the wall claddings and lift portals. Metallic materials are perfectly suitable for exactly this field of interior design because of their outstanding forming characteristics. Our structural supports and column claddings are either made of powder-coated sheet steel or aluminium and/or of brushed or ground stainless steel plates. The technical structure, the optical appearance and the contour of these components can thus be individually designed according to the respective design concept or they can be optically adapted to other construction elements. Vertical and – if applicable – horizontal segmentations, which are required for constructive reasons, can for example either be realised as crimp/butt-joint connection or in form of a shaded shadow gap, which can also be used for a recessed, but generally visible screwing. Recessed skirtings and ceiling connection facings often prove to be useful for the transition to the building, primarily to absorb tolerances and to allow an invisible attachment of the half shells or segments to the vertical support rails. No matter whether the cross section of the column is square, round, elliptic, half-shell, segmented or polygonal, limits for its implementation are only set by tools and machines. As to the possibility of using materials, finishes and creative freedom, the same criteria and requirements apply mostly as for interior facades: high-grade optical appearance and appealing design combined with a very low space requirement and/or constructive structure.

Whether placed as a single part or arranged in regular intervals in the static extension grid of the building, whether executed as a cladding of supporting structural supports or designed as a mere design element, whether intended as an optical shell or equipped with technical additional functions: an individually designed column cladding made of metal always represents a special task and a particular eye-catcher.

Seen from the view of building technology, structural supports and columns have however further additional advantages. By means of a distribution system which is arranged in the suspended ceiling or in the raised floor, you can for example install electrical connections and/or individual air outlets directly in the area of the supports. This allows a convenient supply and/or use regarding electricity and air for room interior-areas for example in open-plan offices or casinos which are normally in a disadvantaged position. Their integration into respectively dimensioned column claddings covers at the same time all the supply lines. A visually harmonic overall impression is achieved particularly when the cladding and the outlet elements form a visual unity. It is exactly in this field, where architecture and building technology are combined in a very restricted space, where you can benefit from our know-how, our experience and our individual opportunities around the subject “SHEET METAL IN FORM AND FUNCTION”.