Blech in Form und Funktion


The company MG HS GmbH & Co. KG is a grown company of medium size and is run by its owners, representing professional competence, efficiency and reliability as your partner for almost any task in the field of individual metal interior design. In this context we have worked for almost 50 years in close cooperation with well-known architects and expert planners to our customers’ satisfaction. Our basic principles are reliability, transparency, flexibility and quality, aiming at realising long-lasting and successful business relationships on a partnership basis. Our principal and continuous concern is to develop innovative, state-of-the-art solutions and to manufacture functional, high-grade end products under user and cost-optimized aspects. A selection of visualized reference objects as well as a compilation of successfully realised examples of application and execution chosen from our diversified range of activities can be found in the respective chapters of this website.

When realising individual object solutions, we follow our basic principle “SHEET METAL IN FORM AND FUNCTION” in a targeted manner and always for the benefit of our customers. In our company, advice, planning, manufacturing and installation are in the same hands, and this makes us to be a strong and autonomously acting partner, minimizing interfaces and realising shortest execution times. The growing acceptance of our system components on the market and the fact that they are able to assert themselves in the competition – which is getting increasingly stronger – represent affirmation and reassurance for our efforts and our concept. This strategy keeps us involved to change, complete and optimize the existing range of performances in accordance with the current requirements of our customers, since our business model is primarily based on satisfied customers and the resulting processing of joint follow-up projects in an ideal situation. This certainly requires the highest level of project-related services, extremely short decision-making processes as well as very short reaction times in case of any unscheduled deviations. Since we still attach great importance to the somewhat dusted quality concept “Made in Germany”.

From our central location in Kirchen-Freusburg – situated at the foot of the Westerwald region – we work for you within the whole federal territory and in the neighbouring European countries, if requested also beyond these borders, since it is a rule for us and it is easier for us to go to the project and/or the responsible persons for the project than the other way round. However, there is an exception to this rule, too. For globally extending our business activities we have currently opened our office and/or branch in Kuwait. This office is meant to serve the markets and fulfill projects in the region “Middle East” which represent an opportunity for our wide range of products and our open company philosophy.

No matter whether our manual skill is required or an industrial serial production: we show the same enthusiasm and passion for both in performing the presented task. Small series or even individually manufactured products are part of our range of services just like implementing complex large projects, our functional cladding elements being used not only for new buildings but also for revitalisation projects or partial reorganisation measures. No matter in which case, they are always based on our many years of experience in the field of object handling, our flexible in-house structures as well as our high internal quality awareness, always orientated towards the respective requirements specification.