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About us

For many years the company MG HS GmbH & Co. KG has worked in close cooperation with well-known architects, designers, expert planners and general contractors to our customers’ satisfaction. Our continuous and principal concern is to develop innovative, state-of-the-art solutions and to manufacture functional, high-grade end products made of metal under user and cost-optimized aspects. The great number of and the complexity in the objects which we realise at home and abroad and of the products developed by us confers us a leading competence in this field of industry. It is necessary to recognise the rooted potentials and to continue to use them for the benefit of our customers.

Our core competency is to offer convenient and state of the art customer advisory service followed by detail designing and in-house implementation in the field of sheet metal processing. Our main products are among other products parapet claddings for air conditioners, radiators and/or electric installations, wall claddings, column claddings as well as modular structured functional cabinets. For these systems we mainly process sheet metal and half-finished products made of steel, stainless steel and aluminium to build either complex welded structures, assemblies or cladding systems which are easy to de-install and to re-install. Even plastic powder coating of the component surfaces is done in our own plant so that we can avoid and/or minimize any shade deviations and are able to regularly realize even “athletic” execution dates.

Our company’s technical know-how is the result of the variety of our staff members and their long experience. On average our personnel has worked with us for a considerable time and we have a low level of fluctuation. Our personnel represent a key factor regarding the quality of our products and regarding the adherence to schedules for our services. We employ skilled workers almost without exception in all our organizational units, allowing a very flexible assignment in the different work stations, if requested in multi-shift operation. Furthermore, a diversified field of activities leads to a relatively high and consistent internal level of performance and to a low level of monotony at the work stations, which is to the benefit of the staff members and of the company likewise.

Against the background of a continuously growing environmental concern in almost any section of private life and professional life, we consider our primary task to manufacture sustainable and environmentally sound cladding elements, giving priority to the manufacturing of intelligent structures which in case of a changed utilization of rooms are easy to reorganise. An excellent feature, particularly from an environmental perspective, is the exceptional durability of our high-grade products – mainly consisting of almost indestructible, non-combustible, inorganic and recyclable materials – and the absolute absence of toxic substances.
An overall consideration shows that we have made a name for ourselves as an efficient, reliable and faithful “PARTNER FOR PARTNERS” on the market of individual metal interior design, and likewise as an expert for special ventilation products as well as the processing of demanding redevelopment projects. We keep upgrading the quality of our services and products and extending our range of performances. In this respect we are sure to be able to offer you an adequate, effective and interesting solution for your respective problem.