Plant equipment

For manufacturing our cladding components we process high-grade thin sheets and profiles made of steel, stainless steel or aluminium in different grades, thicknesses and surface qualities. For treating and processing these materials we have among others the following manufacturing equipment, machines and facilities available:

high rack storage area for sheet steel, assorted according to shape, thickness, material and grade
NC plate shears for components up to a length of 4,000 mm
different punches and presses for single item production
CNC nibbling centres for components up to a length of 4,000 mm
NC press breaks for components up to a length of 4,000 mm
NC bending machine for components up to a length of 4,000 mm
3-roll-bending machines for components up to a length of 3,000 mm
flanging machine for material thicknesses up to 2,0 mm
band saw for pipes, profiles and ducts
circular mitre saw for pipes and profiles
different welding stations for components made of steel, stainless steel and aluminium
corner welding machine for panel mitres and component corners
spot-welding machines for material doublings/reinforcements
different welding devices for “standard components”
belt grinding machine for surface treating of components made of stainless steel
powder coating plant for components of a length up to 4,800 mm, a width up to 4,500 mm and a height up to 1,800 mm as well as for simultaneous/parallel coating of up to three shades
powder stock for primary powder material in many common shades and qualities
gluing press for manufacturing sandwich panels which are resistant to bending and warping
assembly line for manufacturing WTW units
assembly line for assembling functional cabinets
film winder for optimum transport packagings
lorry with lifting ramp for flexible site delivery

Our capabilities of manufacturing are completed and/or perfected by the longstanding cooperation with powerful and reliable suppliers, for example for components made of glass, plastic or wood-based materials.