Blech in Form und Funktion

Floating ceiling panels & metal ceilings

Lowered metal ceilings and large floating ceiling panels mainly serve to optically cover the building, to cover and integrate technical installations and to improve the room acoustics. Even the cooling units of rooms are often integrated into the floating ceiling panel or the metal ceiling owing to the available large surfaces and the favourable thermal conditions. There is almost no other field of metal interior design which comprises more standard products and system providers.

Nevertheless there are time and again situations which – caused by additional technical or creative requirements – require special solutions. Equipped with flexible plastic meanders as surface cooling element or on request equipped with further technical additional functions – such as integrated acoustic mats, down-lights or loudspeakers – they additionally set optically effective accents. In the same way as with all our other business activities we do not apply determined implementation details,

pre-defined semi-finished parts or standardised element sizes in this segment, but we develop in cooperation with you an individually designed principle adapted to the demand and the function based on the respective specifications, ideas and circumstances. This opportunity is provided because of the wide range of available materials and surfaces as well as the preparation of an object-specific sub-construction, adapted to the respective framework conditions on site. Integrating the illumination and individual air outlets within the acoustical or cooling surfaces of metal ceilings and floating ceiling panels can be realised in the same way as the preparation of an elegant and circumferential installation channel for technical installations.

We manufacture purely function-oriented covering systems for cooling beams – strictly speaking according to the reversed principle of a parapet cladding – and likewise purely architectural design elements or elements with acoustical function for entrance halls or lobbies. In most cases, we see the special attraction and our real task in harmoniously combining optical and technical features, and this is exactly why we provide to you architectural metal components and individual climate ventilation components from one single source.