Blech in Form und Funktion

Functional cabinets and door systems

Almost 15 years ago we started manufacturing modular structured functional cabinets made of powder coated sheet steel or aluminium as well as stainless steel. These plants are designed for the highly stressed application in hospitals, medical practices, pharmacies, universities, sports facilities,
swimming pools and laboratories. Depending on the field of application, the different cabinet systems are inevitably subjected to different profiles of requirements. In this context, subjects such as:

  • increased corrosion protection and disinfectant-proof surfaces,
  • reduced risk of injury by means of rounded component edges and corners,
  • torsion-resistant and dimensionally stable surfaces by way of sandwich panel design,
  • connecting claddings facing towards wall and ceiling according to the measurements on site,
  • self-retaining hinges and self-retracting telescopic tray extensions,
  • using adjustable module hinges or solid pivot hinges,
  • dust-protected door structure by means of circumferential silicone gasket,
  • height-adjustable shelves and/or wardrobe rail with clothes hooks,
  • height-adjustable plant skirting to compensate dimensional tolerances,
  • hygienically safe structure due to minimized gaps,
  • implementation in ISO or EURO modular design series on request,
  • identically constructed implementation of tall, base and wall cabinets,
  • worktops and splash protection walls made of stainless steel as accessories,
  • fronts made of HPL solid plastic or optionally wood look as well as
  • possible non-standard designs and individual cabinet equipment

always play an important role. When processing the individual objects, these topics have to be extensively clarified. All the components covered by this product segment are exclusively manufactured by us on order-related basis. Especially with the field of medical functional cabinets and individual equipment we closely cooperate with our sales partner for that product division, the company “MG-Objekteinrichtungen GmbH”.
Due to the fact that not all the upper cladding parts of interior facades can or may be designed and executed for easy de/re/installation, it is in some cases necessary to integrate object-specific access openings in the form of door systems or maintenance panels. In case of the request that these devices cannot easily be identified as such when seen from outside, we offer to implement large concealed doors which requires the use of inlying hinges as well as a reinforced supporting structure. For locking you can for example use a magnetic latch or a push-lock-fastener. This structure which is optically adapted to the construction of the related wall cladding thus ensures a harmonious overall impression. In general, such devices highly require an implementation planning which is accurate to dimension and detail as well as a precise manufacturing quality and a precise installation of the components on site.

On the other hand there are door systems which have to be protected against unauthorized opening, for example housings of components of ventilation plants with protective grating or for toilet partition wall systems in non-standard design. The field of built-in locks and rotary bolt locks comprises meanwhile a very broad offer of serial products. Every single case requires the choice of such devices in connection with the hinges – in a constructively reasonable way and adapted to its function – being integrated into the cladding in an optimized way. So you can implement not only individually designed toilet systems or wardrobe cabinets but also shaft claddings or lockable shelving systems with folding doors in front.