Blech in Form und Funktion

Furniture and design objects

We have manufactured modular structured cabinet systems for about 15 years as individual solutions made of metal or mixed material for highly stressed applications among other things in hospitals, swimming pools and laboratories. Derived from the special requirements given in these fields, we have in the meantime modified these functional cabinet systems for being used in offices or in private areas, combined with an optical upgrading of their appearance, for example by perforated or embossed partial surfaces, circumferentially fitted surrounding panels, wooden elements located at the front or glass elements towards the wall. Our target is to produce a basically warmer and more homely overall impression. Since everybody feels the same way: the one who feels comfortable in his environment can work more effectively on the one hand and can better relax on the other hand. We continue to use the classical features for our cabinet equipment such as self-retracting tray extensions, height-adjustable bases, bow-shaped handles made of aluminium or stainless steel, lockable double wing doors or folding doors, because of their function. The advantage of our furniture is on the one hand the possibility to take part in their design regarding their surfaces and structure and on the other hand the possibility to easily adapt and integrate them to the respective room situation by manufacturing all the components on the basis of your dimensional requirements.

We can furthermore provide absolutely special designs for your self-developed design objects such as seating furniture, tables or shelving systems. Manufactured as welded and polished racks and/or frame constructions made of stainless steel or powder coated aluminium and provided with high-grade elements made of glass or treated wood, they are a particular eye-catcher. We implement – as far as our production facilities allow – exactly your particular ideas and concepts according to your dimensional requirements for your individual and exclusive projects.

Many function components or metal structures, for example in terms of spark or splash protection sheets with embossed surfaces or partial surfaces, can also be reasonably used in different private areas. Pipes or extruded profiles can easily be designed as individually adapted curtain rods or wardrobe rails or extensive storage racks for headwear or shoes. Creative and purely optically effective design components, summarizable under the heading „ALUMINIUM AND STAINLESS STEEL@ HOME“, finally bring our extensive range of performances in the field of metal and sheet metal working to perfection.