Blech in Form und Funktion

Individual air outlets

Almost all claddings for air-conditioning plant components require cut-outs or slots for integrating system-related air passages. Almost all of these build-in elements in the form of linear grilles or perforated plate panels for our cladding systems in the field of individual metal interior design are manufactured by ourselves. On the one hand we thus ensure the dimensional accuracy of these parts and on the other hand we avoid undesired material or shade deviations in the surfaces, providing automatically a dimensional definition of the fixing and connecting details. The dimensions for the outlet components result from the respectively required free cross sections, considering the available cladding surfaces as well as the technical specifications from the expert planner.

Our linear lightweight grilles, for example for being integrated into parapet claddings, use extruded lamellar profiles made of aluminium, either with fluidically rounded contour or as flat bars. They are grouted with individually slotted webs which finally define the lamella inclination, the lamella spacing and the lamella quantity in the grille. Treadable wall, floor and parapet grilles are manufactured by us either from flat steel or hollow profiles as welded structure made of steel, stainless steel or aluminium. Also in this case the lamellas are embedded in slotted webs or lined up by means of special spacers.

Our grilles are generally not adjustable, but they can be implemented with freely selectable lamella inclination and spacing. On request the grilles can additionally be equipped with a welded or loose build-in frame. Furthermore it is possible to install rear-located perforated plates for an improved uniform air distribution. All the elements are basically manufactured in accordance with the technical requirements and the measurements on site and/or our customer’s dimensional requirements, there are no standard sizes and types in this field either.

In addition we manufacture individually constructed and designed displacement diffusers pursuant to different operating principles for wall, ceiling or parapet integration as well as complete diffuser-type columns. Depending on the ventilation requirements and the framework conditions, the casings incorporate fixed resistors, honeycomb rectifiers or plastic nozzles which serve to uniformly distribute the air across the whole outlet surface and which can reduce flow noises. Designing and dimensioning the individual air outlets is always done by us, but always in close cooperation with the respective expert planner. The visible air outlet area contains perforated sheet components with a defined free cross section. The form and function of these components can be individually adapted to the respective interior design or they can be directly integrated into the surrounding interior facades or column claddings. Our solutions thus comply not only with the idea of appealing design but also with the requirement of convincing functionality, which is “SHEET METAL IN FORM AND FUNCTION”.