Individual solutions made of metal or mixed material

Our interior design elements are in general made to customer’s specification, adapted to their function, stylish and of stable value. In the functional field as well as in the field of design, the company MG HS GmbH & Co. KG always offers individual solutions which are tailor-made for the respective object. Continuously extending our fields of activities and finding solutions for your object-specific tasks is definitively the driving force for our commitment and our acting. It is no question that we refer in this context to our long experience and a meanwhile quite large-scaled pool of successfully performed implementation details. In connection with our wide range of available materials and their surfaces, completed by the delivery programme of our long-standing partners for non-metallic components, we thus offer you a broad scope for elaborating and implementing modern design concepts.

It is exactly the combination of design elements made of different materials – for example of powder coated sheet steel, ground stainless steel, silk-screened glass, coloured plastic and/or grained wood-based materials – which confer a high-grade optical appearance to many constructions as well as an appealing and distinctive design. Apart from functionality and aesthetics, the choice of the materials and their combination is sometimes even influenced by emotional factors. The surface design of visible cladding elements, for example, can consciously create feelings like warmth and homeliness for the user in the same manner as they can create coolness or detachment. Especially our products in the range of performance wall claddings and portals, column claddings or functional cabinets and door systems offer a great number of possibilities in this context. This is the reason why we are currently creating a “new cabinet programme”, preferably for equipping patients’ rooms, medical practices, old people’s homes etc., which is to combine the advantages of robust, hygienic and long-lasting basic structures with the charm of a lively and homely front look. In this case we do not bring only “SHEET METAL IN FORM AND FUNCTION”, but also all the related non-metallic components.

Creative proposals with mixed material, functional solutions made of metal, individual customer service and timely implementation of precise scopes of work as well as high-grade end products as to material, workmanship and processing: this is exactly the key area of our activities. In this respect we live for the idea and from the challenges presented by our customers, driven by our own curiosity, enthusiasm and passion for the particular.