Blech in Form und Funktion

Innovative concepts and solutions made to customer’s specifications for redevelopment projects.

Almost 70 % of the interior design projects to be treated by us are revitalising measures or redevelopment projects for existing buildings. In many cases, our parapet claddings, parapet heating systems or wall claddings and portals are used which are to be designed object-specifically. Our range of performances also comprises the revision or extension and/or completion of existing cladding systems – for example in case of tenant fit-outs or reconstruction measures. Apart from an optical upgrading of the real estate and its premises, energetic aspects as well as a sustainable and environmentally sound way of construction assume an increasingly supporting role. Compared to new buildings this implies in general an increased planning effort and a deeper level of detail not only for architects and expert planners but also for many building technology and finishing works.

Standard solutions and standard products can often not be used due to the lack of space, and dimensional standardisation is often impossible due to considerable dimensional tolerances. It is exactly in this – individual, object-specific metal interior design – where the main field of activities of MG HS GmbH & Co. KG is to be found. Depending on the actually given framework conditions on site we elaborate a cladding solution made to customer’s specifications based on the respective profile of requirements – and we do this specially for every project.
For making decisions we support you with our experience of more than 40 years, providing innovative concepts, a wide range of possible design and fixing details. The experience has shown that it can indeed be useful, especially in the field of redevelopment projects, to contemplate a complete system – as functional unit consisting of an optical shell and technical features – on a complementary basis to the pure metal interior design. Integrating individual air outlets in the object cladding or their realisation as individually shaped and technically designed parapet, heating and cooling system helps to minimize interfaces, to reduce costs and to optimize scheduling.

After measuring the complete scope of work on site, subsequent internal analysis of the measurements, successful interface coordination with all the neighbouring works, if necessary technical design of the components and extensive detailed design, we will start our real work. Since then we will draw, programme, produce, position and deliver all the individual cladding components in the defined quantities, dimensions and variations and finally install them at the correspondingly defined location on site. Since it is in general not possible to shorten or adapt the visible parts of our finally coated cladding system at a later time, all the working sections of the realisation project require the highest degree of care and diligence starting from measurement taking through to installation. And when in the end everything has worked in accordance with the plan and has been executed to our customer’s satisfaction, then our “SHEET METAL IS IN FORM AND FUNCTION”.