More than 40 years of experience in the field of metal interior design

The company MG HS GmbH & Co. KG stands for more than 40 years of experience in the individual interior object design as well as in the development and manufacturing of special ventilation components for the technical finishing of all kinds of buildings. The optical and the functional designing of rooms in indoor and outdoor areas are subjected to a constant change. This change is driven among other things by a progressive development of materials and the possibilities of their processing. Furthermore there are complex factors such as

  • increasingly shortened construction periods,
  • internal capacity and utilisation planning,
  • investment and risk management,
  • improved infrastructure,
  • utilisation of public funds
  • progressive demographic change,
  • a growing environmental concern,
  • changed fire prevention regulations or
  • the current energy efficiency directive

which play an increasing role. For being able to follow such developments, you require flexible structures, broad expertise, constant innovative power as well as above-average commitment in the field of product development and object handling, related to an ongoing process during which a company ideally adapts to a continuously changing environment. Since leading evolutionary theories say that at long sight not the largest and strongest survives, but rather he who can best adapt to his “living environment”. You can read more about how the company MG HS GmbH & Co. KG and its fields of activity have changed over the last decades in the chapter „Historical development“. Our long experience in the very special field of metal interior design combined with the accompanied steady expansion of in-house know-how as well as elaborated concepts, realised interface solutions and developed implementation details is finally reflected in the quality of our products as well as their today’s range.

This means for you: flexible, efficient and economic cladding solutions made of metal, even if required in the style of existing design principles or concepts and in case of subjection to constructional specifications or mandatory points given by other technical finishing works.

Our customers’ continued confidence on the one hand and our architects’ and expert planners’ challenges and incentives “to create something new” on the other hand have made us to be what we are today. This situation is supported and/or extended by the complex and trusting cooperation with our industrial customers from many different fields of metal and sheet processing. In this respect we consider ourselves as “PARTNER FOR PARTNERS” as to realising and implementing the tasks transferred to us. It is exactly in this sense that we intend to continue our previous ambitions in the future and we would like to do that in cooperation with you.