Parapet claddings

We have more than 40 years of experience in the field of metal interior design and we equip office and administrative buildings among other things with our parapet claddings. Starting from a pure radiator cladding made of powder coated sheet steel or as parapet channel for flexibly supplying office rooms with electric and data outlets, this product has continuously developed up to now. We design it in every case on the basis of changed requirements and it is as a consequence as individual as every building itself. For this reason we do not have a serial product in this field up to today although the tasks are often similar in practice. The main tasks read as follows:

  • Supporting and cladding the technical installations and their supply lines,
  • ensuring the technical function of radiators, fan-convectors, induction units etc.
  • the possibility of a homogeneous and flexible arrangement and distribution of ELT and data outlets,
  • a constant possibility for access is to be ensured for maintenance and subsequent installation,
  • the invisible fixation of the cladding panel on the supporting structure of the system,
  • the realisation of a perfect connection to the facade and to the floor,
  • the possibility of flexibly dividing the room at a later stage by dividing-wall connection-profile in the extension grid of the facade.
  • no additional fire loads within the building,
  • a high lifetime and intrinsic value as well as
  • an optical adaptation of the cladding to the respective interior design.

The shaped profile and the choice of material and colour allow an individual appearance for every parapet cladding design while the dimensions and the constructive design are mainly pre-determined by the facade and the required space for the technical installations to be integrated.

Due to quality and system, the upper sections of our parapet claddings are manufactured as panel which is double-edged at all sides with properly welded and repolished mitre corners. They are invisibly fixed on the galvanized supporting structure of the system by means of adjustable tapered bolts and are thus easily de/re/installable without the need for any tools. Large components are internally reinforced and they are of sound-absorbing quality, so the top surfaces can in principle be walked on. Dimensional tolerances regarding the connection to facades, floors and walls are equalised by means of recessed and closed shadow gaps. Parapet grilles and ELT parapet channels, coated in the shade of the cladding or in a contrasting colour on request, are delivered and installed in the sense of a ready-to-use functional unit.

Apart from an optical and sustainable upgrading of office facilities, an uninterrupted parapet cladding of the facade also has some economic benefits. For example in many cases, partial performances of technical crews are not required such as window sills, skirting boards or plastering works, drywall installations and paint work in the whole parapet area. Furthermore you can achieve functional and executive optimisation by using our parapet heating system. Not only for new buildings but also when reorganising existing buildings, our systems offer a high potential for realising high-grade and up-to-date office space under cost-optimized aspects.