Blech in Form und Funktion

Protective gratings

Protective gratings serve as weatherproof covering of air supply and air discharge openings of ventilating systems, as well as protection against the penetration of foreign substances such as leaves or small animals. They can be implemented as free-standing, inherently stable structure or can be inserted flush-mounted in facade openings. Single elements according to dimensional requirements, for example depending on the segmentation of the panel of exterior or interior facades and production in special geometrical shapes can be realized, but also an uninterrupted modular structure of the protective grating with proportionate end and corner elements according to the measurements on site.

Our protective gratings are made of Z-shape profiled and inclined lamellas with bent edges on both sides for stabilisation and/or protection against driving rain. Due to the fact that we do not use prefabricated profiles but edged parts from our own production, we can flexibly react on the depth and space conditions and individually adapt the cross section of the lamellas and of the free ventilation cross section of the structure. They are generally bordered in a stable build-in frame and provided with a mesh applied over the whole rear surface to serve as protection against small animals or insects. Depending on their size and requirements, the elements can be implemented as screw-fitted or welded construction. The used materials are galvanized sheet steel, stainless steel or aluminium, allowing a surface coating with high-grade coating powders in facade quality in any desired shade. The same also applies to our individually producible accessories such as wall build-in frame, grate supporting-construction, closure panels or integrated door systems.

Our protective gratings can also be implemented as puncture-proof or acoustically effective non-standard execution with integrated acoustic insulation and as blind element or as lamella wall for mere sight protection. Our performance spectrum also comprises bent protective gratings with segmented lamellas or complete supply and exhaust air towers with circumferential rain-repellent lamella heads as well as individual accessories determined by the system. In this field, too, the implementation and the structure of the elements are determined by the respective technical requirements in connection with the circumstances on site.