Blech in Form und Funktion

Sheet metal in form and function

This slogan has ever since characterized and represented our company’s basic thought, its philosophy and its main area of activities – and has been publicly proclaimed since 2012. It shortly and precisely defines the topics the company MG HS GmbH & Co. KG primarily represents and has represented for almost 50 years – and for which our customers and business partners show appreciation and esteem.

This statement and/or presentation positions us actively and consciously on the market and we thus take a relative niche position in a rather gigantic environment. A precondition for this situation is the continuous further development of our product portfolio, based on our affinity to face unprecedented tasks and innovative solutions around the field of individual metal interior design. The fact that our management team is actively involved in almost any internal and external process and project enables and supports our philosophy. Their identification with the respective object-specific problems and requirements is thus ideally transferred to all the involved organisational units of our company and simultaneously to the end products themselves, which is not only functional in the sense of our philosophy, but also highly effective for all the parties involved in a project.

Moreover, our “company slogan” understandably is also meant to transfer an unmistakable and self-explanatory message. Our message to all those, who have not yet got to know us and our possibilities but whose interest has been awakened, reads as follows in detail:
SHEET METAL – Our focus, our know-how and a large part of our in-house creation of value are anchored in sheet metal processing. Exceptional tasks in this field are in particular perfect for us because we provide perfect equipment by means of our manifold machinery and our flexible specialised staff. We mainly process thin sheet in material thickness of 0.7 to 4.0 mm made of steel, stainless steel and aluminium, either to finished individual components, to individual cladding systems, to modular structured components or to complex welded structures.

IN FORM – All our cladding solutions are individually designed, constructed and manufactured for each building project. Projects are generally implemented on the basis of a profile of requirements determined by the customer and an object-related consultation and coordination meeting and after one of our technicians has recorded the measurements of the actual data on site. We do not have any serial products or standard in-stock products. Individuality and flexibility of our interior facades are finally reflected in their diversity and their optical appearance. The largest possible creative freedom as to dimensions, design, materials and surfaces is still an elementary component of a high-quality and up-to-date architecture.

AND FUNCTION – In most cases it is not sufficient to realize only an appealing optical appearance for inside claddings. In many cases the structures have to fulfil technical requirements during ongoing use. Easy accessibility, a possible change of the utilization of rooms, defined air inlet and outlet openings, integrated heating or cooling elements or the integration and arrangement of ELT outlets are just a few examples. The individual design and manufacturing of all our cladding systems also implies the consideration of these aspects. We are thus able to realise finished functional units, adapted to the respective specifications on the part of building services or the users, representing functional, innovative and economic concepts.

Should you be in need of an individual and efficient solution to your project in the field of one of our product divisions mentioned above, please do not hesitate to contact us. In our company, advice, planning, manufacturing and installation are in the same hands. In other words:

We work things out so that they fit!