Blech in Form und Funktion

Special designs

Special designs comprise all those metallic components which cannot reasonably be matched to the other ranges of performance. As the definition implies, these end products require a much higher effort as to engineering and construction as our cladding component systems do. Continued in the real manufacturing process – usually implemented as individual items or low-volume production made of high-grade materials or material combinations – optical aspects are always of great importance for these products. It is not really true that anything is possible, but we can find a reasonable solution for anything.

Especially with the field of special designs, an exact implementation planning and a detailed construction are of decisive importance for a successful realisation of the object. The experience has shown that that this target is a challenge for us as well as for the responsible architect or the expert planner likewise. Since the best possible result can only be mutually achieved if the task on the one side has exactly been defined and has been clearly understood on the other side.

We thus manufacture, deliver and install products such as complex components or assemblies made of powder-coated steel, stainless steel and aluminium for airport equipment, barrier elements, medium carriers, medium outlets or special designs for ventilating and air-conditioning systems. We basically like realizing absolutely new ideas as much as realizing concepts which refer to existing structures and we do it in the same target-oriented way.