Blech in Form und Funktion

Wall claddings and portals

Entrances and lobbies in modern office buildings are often the flagship of the companies located in these buildings. They are almost as distinctive for the character and the effect of a building on the user and visitor as the outside facade. This is why the use of high-grade materials and modern design concepts for these areas continues to grow, often as individual solution made of metal or mixed material. The design and the visual appearance of the walls and/or the wall view are generally predominant compared to the actual function of the cladding system. Our individual interior facades executed as panel wall cladding made of powder coated sheet steel, as lift portal cladding made of stainless steel or as perforated acoustic panel made of aluminium offer the possibility to any architect or expert planner to implement his/her own ideas and concepts and to create “something new”.

Despite of the high degree of creative freedom, our metal wall claddings allow furthermore to cover all building service installations and/or to integrate them adequately. Integrating lighting systems, radiators or electric outlets is possible in the same way as integrating individually design-adapted ventilation components or acoustically effective partial surfaces. Invisibly mounted and toolless deinstallable upper claddings or flush-mounted integrated door systems meet the demand for a large-scale or partly reversible system, regardless of whether an existing wall is to be reinforced with a panel in front or a free-standing, self-supporting wall structure has to be built which is cladded at all sides.

Manufacturing and installing our interior facades, generally consisting of the supporting structure of the system and wall panels which are invisibly fixed to this system, is of course only done after having taken the exact measurements of the actual data on site and after a detailed coordination with the related technical finishing works. This is required to avoid collisions with channels or conducts when installing the wall claddings and to realise a minimum depth of the overall design structure.